World of Warcraft Money Making Guide – Mistakes That Will Cost You

With gold being such a vital part of playing WoW, many players are eager to get their hands on as much as possible. If you’re one of these, you’ll want to read this World of Warcraft money making guide. Just as there are several ways to make gold, there are several mistakes that you can make that could cause you to miss out on that much needed wealth.

The first valuable tip in this World of Warcraft money making guide will save you from missing out on the opportunity to earn lots of gold. If you really want to earn more, then don’t spend your time focusing on a crafting profession. These might be more fun to play since you create so many different items, but you will also need to spend a considerable amount to fund your training. You could also wind up spending more than you would like to on the materials you would need to practice your craft. Instead, you’re much better off going with one of the gathering professions. These might not seem as prestigious as the crafting professions, but you will be earning so much gold that you will barely notice. Being a miner, herbalist, or skinner will allow you to collect and sell tons of raw materials, which can even sell better than crafted items.

Another helpful tip provided by this World of Warcraft money making guide is to not be afraid of the auction house. It’s well worth your time to visit the auction house frequently, and learn how it works. You don’t want to make the mistake of selling an item for less than it’s worth or losing out on sales because your starting and buyout prices are too high. You will also want to avoid putting an item up for sale if several other players are also trying to sell that same item.  Buy wow gold  You won’t be able to get as much for it as you would like due to the competition, and you might not be able to sell the item at all.

One more highly useful tip in this World of Warcraft money making guide is to not make the mistake of overlooking fishing as a means to obtaining gold. Fishing might not be the most popular way to spend your time playing, but it can bring you substantial amounts of gold. You never know what you will wind up catching. Some of the fish are valuable items, but there are also hidden treasures in the water, including gems, that could earn you quite a bit of gold at the auction house. Fishing is an easy and relaxing way to pass the time while also increasing your profits.

By following the tips in this World of Warcraft money making guide, you will be able to avoid some very costly mistakes. You also won’t have to fret over some of the most common missed opportunities for making more gold. Follow the advice provided here, and enjoy your ever increasing wealth.


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