What is the Fixing of Online Poker Tournaments?

There has been much debate over the issue of whether online poker tournaments can be fixed. Each side claims they are 100% correct, but neither side can prove it.

Are Online Poker Tournaments Guaranteed?

There are many ways to answer this question. Are online poker tournaments fixed?

The visible patterns that poker sites use are known as poker algorithms. In the last few years, many poker scandals were caused by collusion and cheating by players. Poker rooms had to implement special poker algorithms in order to stop players cheating or colluding.

These algorithms can significantly change the results of on-line poker play, such as the winners and percentages. It is obvious that on-line poker uses a 메이저사이트 computer-generated sequence of codes that isn’t exactly random. This means that the software can alter the results to make it more natural for players who are sensitive to patterns in the game.

Have you ever noticed how a shortstack suddenly goes all in when he is called by one or more of his opponents? The callers will have a dominant hand, while the shortstack will play a smaller hand. Unsurprisingly, the shortstack wins with his small hand.

Unknown Poker Algorithms

This is often referred to as a fair percent algorithm. This algorithm’s purpose is to ensure that no one player has a disadvantage by winning pots repeatedly. It also prevents a player having the power to dictate a table or tournament.

If a poker site uses more poker algorithms, regardless of their motivations, it is actually encouraging fixed online poker tournaments. This is because they intervene in the natural and statistical results of hands.

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