The 3 Reasons Stopping YOU From Fulfilling Your Real Estate Investment Dreams

Have you thought that you’d like to get into the real estate market?

Have you seen this as a way to get a solid portfolio that eventually would give you a great retirement and a passive income?

Have you scanned the paper, the net, dreaming of what these investments could do for you?

If so, what has stopped you?

There are 3 reasons why people don’t move ahead with this dream.


  1. Knowledge
  2. Finance
  3. Fear


Now there are list subheadings under these 3 reasons

The first one is Knowledge which include:-


  • You are a procrastinator
  • You are a perfectionist
  • You lack confidence
  • You analyse to the point of being paralysed
  • You are not committed to learning
  • You have poor priorities
  • You lack organisation
  • You just feel overwhelmed


The next issue is Finance, What stops you in this area?


  • Your lack of knowledge of the market
  • Your ability to negotiate
  • Your fear of bankers
  • Your inexperience of finance
  • Your lack of confidence
  • Fear of losing you money
  • A misunderstanding of what money is?
  • You feel overwhelmed


And then for most of us there is fear?

What are we fearful of? There seem to be 2 major turkish citizenship by investmen fears. Which group do you fall into?


  1. Fear of failure? What will people think if it doesn’t work? Will I end up with nothing? What if I want to sell and I can’t? What is your self talk on failure?
  2. Fear of success? Some of us fear success and what it will do to our lives. Again, will people still like/trust/be friends with me if I’m successful? Will I be able to manage the success


OK! What can we do about it?


  1. Realise that people aren’t thinking about you. They are thinking about themselves, just like you!
  2. Other people won’t pay your bills, educate your children, feed or house you. It is your responsibility. Get going!
  3. Do research on finance. Go and talk to bankers, it’s like shopping. Talk to finance brokers. If you don’t have a cat, don’t buy cat food! Don’t buy what you don’t want!
  4. Get educated. Knowledge is power. Knowledge gives you a feeling of control. Read. Real estate people have freebie evenings. Go to a few and pick through what is truth.
  5. Keep an eye on the real estate sites so you get a good idea of values, time on the market, what is good buying, areas that are good.
  6. Learn to negotiate. Don’t worry about what the salesman is saying about the price, the owners, and the market. Set your price, go in a bit lower so you have a bit or ‘wriggle’ room. Stick with your evaluation.
  7. Negative sentiment in the market can be helpful!
  8. Don’t get emotional about the property. Properties are like buses, another one will come along tomorrow! There are plenty of opportunities.
  9. Don’t beat yourself up. ALL business takes time!! But remember, at some stage the rubber has to meet the road, there must be action.




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