Potty Training an English Bulldog

If you are thinking about buying an English bulldog, or already have one and are trying to potty train it, then this article is a great place to start. Potty training an English bulldog is not as complicated as it seems. They are a very affectionate breed and would like nothing more than to please you, especially when it comes to doing their business outside. This

in turn makes them easy to train, but keep in mind that your bully may be a little stubborn at times and might make a mistake or two. This is part of having a puppy and it will happen sometimes, but if you follow this article, you will find that you can avoid this and soon not have to worry about it.

The first thing you can do to start potty training an English bulldog is to be consistent in your routine. This means you should pick a spot in your yard, or at the dog park, and only take your puppy there when he needs to go. Do this at the same times every day, and soon he will start to realize this is where you want him to go. You should also praise him when he does his business in that spot to help him understand what you want.

You should also be ready to take your puppy out after he finishes a meal because food acts like a trigger and usually 5 – 10 minutes after he finishes eating, you will need to take him to the potty spot. Water does the same thing so whenever your puppy finishes drinking, you will again need to go outside. It is very important you keep an eye on your bulldog at all times during the first few months. Take him out every few hours; get a routine started and stick to it and you will start to see results with your bulldog, and less messes in your house.

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