Online Pharmacy Degree – The Right Formula for Your Future

Getting an online pharmacy degree can put you in the ninth best job, according to Money and Salary Magazine. An expected 25% growth and demand for pharmacists is expected in the next 10 years. There are several distance learning, or online, pharmacy education programs available that you can take advantage of, regardless of your geographical location, or previous obligations.

A PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) degree is a 4-year professional degree. Prior to acceptance into a PharmD school, you are usually required to complete two years of pre-pharmacy classes. There are also transition programs that allow a pharmacist with an older BS in pharmacy to advance to a PharmD level.

The American Council on Pharmaceutical Education does the accreditation of colleges and universities that offer online pharmacy degree education programs. Make sure that the school you select carries this seal of approval.

The job market for a pharmacist is wide open. You can work in a clinical setting, pharmacy management, pharmaceutical sales, in a hospital or retail pharmacy, mail-in pharmacy or participate in research.

With a potential annual salary of $88,000, a career in pharmacy is definitely an area you should explore if you like science. You will need to complete your degree and internship, and then pass the state exam (NAPLEX) in order to obtain your license to practice as a destiny usa

Family obligations or work related obligations do not need to prevent you from entering into this robust job market. Online college degree programs allow you to complete your course work at your own schedule in your own home. Internships can be arranged in your geographical location. There is no need to move across the country to obtain your degree.

An online college degree education website will provide you with the information you need to decide what school to attend. You can apply to the schools of your choice right at the online website. You can even find out about financial aid, and talk to a counselor if you need to.

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