How to Generate Amazing Traffic From Blogging

Blogging has become such a craze that every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying a hand at it. Many of these Toms are fools spamming the internet, but these are the fools who have mastered the art of exploiting the benefits of blogging.

Blogging no longer is just associated with the term personal. The transition of blogging from personal to corporate world has been amazing. Now-a-days even personal blogging sites have provided ways to create money online. The corporate and business world is exploiting blogging to drive traffic of viewers to their websites who could become their potential customers for the products and services they provide.

The search engine optimizers consider blogging as an effective strategy for their search engine ranking optimization. Gizmodo, a small blog launched to create awareness about gadgets and gizmos some time back, generates such high traffic to its website that you can’t even imagine. Even you can do it. All you need to learn is how to generate traffic from the blogs you create. Amazing Posting

Originals Live, Copy-Cats Doom

You read a topic from somewhere. You copy and paste it with some modifications in grammar and styling in your blog. Do not even hope for traffic on such blogs. Readers are smart now-a-days. Consider the above example quoted about Gizmodo. There are hundreds of blogs and pages talking about gadgets and gizmos. Not every blog achieved what Gizmodo achieved. The only thing that distinguished it was its originality.

Some may argue that duplicate content can be marketed by applying blog marketing techniques which we will discuss. But there is difference between generating traffic and sustaining the same traffic permanently on your blog. Think over it!

Promote your Posts with Promotional Sites

There are some great sites which provide you free access to promote your Blog posts.,,, and are some of the popular promotional sites. Your posts will enjoy great exposure to traffic here. Divert this traffic to your website by embedding the blog on the website itself.

Follow the Blogs sharing the same niche

Follow the blogs sharing the same field of interest. Comments can garner huge traffic. Enter discussions in comments and forum section. Post your point of view and encourage in a subtle way other comments and forum section people, to get on to your blog and read your views.

Get Business Blogs on Popular Blogging Platforms

Blogging platforms like Hub pages, squidoo lenses, type-pad etc have millions of visitors, everyday. Post your product or service blogs on these platforms with outgoing links to your websites. Lot of traffic can be diverted to your products or services through such blogs.

Stretch Yourself

Time your articles well. Always keep a track of hot keywords that are associated with your products or services. Post blogs using these keywords and relate them to your needs. Such blogs can spread rapidly and a lot of traffic can be generated on them by relating to hot topics.

Technorati needs a Ping

Technorati is the undisputed king for searching blogs. Millions of blogs are registered with it. Get on with the necessary widgets and register with them. Technorati will ping your posts to all the hungry blog reading traffic.

Social Networking world

Get your blogs to be visible on social networking sites. Embed videos and slide shares in them. Social networking sites have a strong constant traffic base and a really good blog can garner traffic instantly in large numbers. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are among the top social networking sites available for your blogs to enchant traffic.

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