An Argument For Spring Snowblower Tune-Ups

I know what most of you are thinking! What, Tune-Up my Snowblower in April or May! What are you thinking… we might get a snowstorm in June??? Well, when you have done as many Snowblower Tune-Ups as I have over the years, you start to see what exactly the life cycle holds for these warriors of the cold, wet and snow!

You see, the main enemy of your Snowblower is all the fluctuations in temperature between last use (Feb. or Mar.) and the first use of next season! Yes, temperature fluctuations and the old gas left in your machine are the Cancer cells waiting to attack! True, a few of you do drain the gas but the problem is not in the gas tank per say as it is the residue gas remaining in the carburetor bowl and channels! This is the gas that goes bad, sour and turns green and leaves my hands stinking for days even with multiple washes! This is the poison that dries up, clogging the channels and emulsion tube of your machine’s carburetor! Ever wonder why your 2-8 year old machine only runs on 3/4 or 1/2 chock best… it’s because your machine is already partially plugged up. In order for the reduced amount of gas vapor making it into your machine’s engine chamber, the carburetor has to equally reduce the air coming in to compensate for a too high air/gas ratio. So now your know… why treating you gas or gas can with fuel stabilizer is very important… a Small Engine Tech will do this as part of the Spring tune-up.

Secondly, old worn oil left in your machine is also a problem waiting to happen as particles can work their way to the carburetor further compounding a bad problem. Changing your oil at end of season is the best solution as your machine will stay cleaner and a clean snowblower is a happy one! Remember to use quality 5W30 or Snowblower Oil made especially for blowers. Once again, a Spring tune-up by your small engine tech will take care of this…

Your machine was made for years of dependable service. However, new machines are made with thinner and cheaper quality steel hull construction. This means with all that wet exposure during the snow season, your machine will start rusting out from day 1. Your How to construct great arguments small engine tech will know to lubricate all the places vulnerabe and those difficult to reach such as the gear housing and a few places under the machine. Also, the auger housing needs special attention with low temperature grease in order to prevent a vibration from developing. Again, your small engine tech will take care of this for you when completing your Spring tune-up.

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